Blockorama 23: Black is Love

Black is Love

Curated by Blackness Yes!

This years’ Blocko is dedicated to those who have shaped our community for all these years, with special dedication to those we have lost.

Blackness Yes! has a 23 year history organizing Blockorama, the largest and longest-running stage at Pride Toronto’s annual festival. Blockorama has a vibrant history that celebrates local Black performers and spotlights a focus on Black Love, self care, harm reduction, and community. Join your favourite blocko DJ’s, drag, ballroom and musical performers at

Blockorama: Black is Love.

Opening Remarks by Eva Simone

Nicollette Brown
Call Me Pogi
Karim Olen Ash
Rosie Monday
Jada Hudson
DJ Craig Dominic
DJ Carma
Jay Light
Stolen Land ft. Courage
Nik Red
A Michelle Ross Tribute by Krys Cee

Kaleidoscope visuals from Karimah Zakia Issa

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