Who we are.

Blackness Yes! is a community-based committee that works year-round to celebrate Black queer and Trans history, creativity and resistance. Our mandate is to create a space for LGBTIQQ2S folks of African decent and their friends, loved ones and supporters. We work to affirm, celebrate and ensure visible Black LGBTTIQQ2S communities within Pride; to create a Black cultural space within Pride that any Black or Black affirming person can be a part of; and to create a vehicle for HIV/AIDS information dissemination. We create spaces of resistance and celebration at Toronto’s Pride festival and at other community-based events year-round in Toronto.

We are committed to anti-oppression, (self) love freedom and justice. We are a space of resistance and actively fight systemic racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism and colonialism.

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